Sweeten up your sandwiches with fruit


assorted fresh fruit

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In summertime, we love going to the farmer’s market or grocery store, picking up bundles of fresh produce and hauling it home to see what kind of delicious sandwiches we can make.

Fruits and veggies — beyond the standard lettuce, tomato and onion — help create sandwiches that are interesting, colorful and, let’s face it, more delicious than your standard turkey sub. Here are a few of our favorite fruits for sandwiches.




When they’re in season, it’s tough to beat a fresh nectarine ripe from the farmer’s market. Firm nectarines make a fantastic addition to sandwiches — whether you want a crisp BLT or an arugula, goat cheese and nectarine concoction. With about 60 calories per fruit, nectarines contain vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and potassium. They’re delicious sliced raw and become even better — and naturally sweeter — when you grill them.



Just like Elvis, we love a good peanut butter and banana sandwich. Peanut butter is loaded with good nutrients, including protein and vitamin E, and also offers heart-healthy fats. Add a sliced banana — loaded with potassium — on top, and finish with a drizzle of honey. Honey offers a broad range of health benefits, including boosting energy. So next time you crave a peanut butter sandwich, give yourself a break from the regular PB&J routine — you’ll be glad you did.



Pears come in many varieties — from Bartlett to Anjou to Bosc — and are a good source of fiber, particularly if you eat them skin-on. Their mellow flavor makes them a versatile addition to sandwiches, and they go with everything from grilled cheese to turkey and brie. Pears are also a fantastic match with pork products, such as ham and prosciutto.   



This tropical favorite can do a lot more than just make a great piña colada. Stay away from the canned stuff, which contains about 130 calories and 30 grams of sugar per cup, compared to fresh pineapple, which has only 80 calories and 16 grams of sugar per cup. Fresh pineapple also contains more nutrients, such as vitamin C and bromelain, which promote eye health and help fight the common cold, among other things. Although we love snacking on sweet and tangy pineapple, we like it even more on sandwiches and burgers. Add some to your next turkey or veggie burger, or try it chopped up on a pulled chicken or pork sandwich for a sweet and spicy experience.