Switch up your workout routine for top-shelf results


Tired athlete

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The key ingredients to a successful exercise program are consistency, variation and progression. Some of us find ourselves hitting the gym sporadically or with a distracted mind-set. Alternately, some of us might be considered gymaniacs and go to the gym every day, thus withholding time for proper recovery. Many of us have adopted consistent gym attendance, but we still neglect the principle of progression. Your efforts can always be improved no matter the group with which you associate. The focus should be on working smarter rather than working harder.


Practice makes exercise worth it

Are you ready to feel better about yourself? Pat yourself on the back and biceps for your efforts thus far. Be more disciplined and start working out at least three to five days per week, every week. It is important that we keep our goals in sight and prepare ourselves for the challenges that we will overcome. When we focus our energies toward realistic goals, our efforts tend not to go unnoticed. Become the beastly beauty that you have always felt lies within yourself. Keep pushing to be consistent, and your body will continually reward you for your fit commitment to better health. You will be amazed at what regular exercise can do for your body, mind and soul. Harness the power that guides your every step, and take charge as both the battalion and the commander.


Lift strong and prosper

Focus on the quality of your work at the gym rather than the quantity of days or hours spent there. Scientific evidence shows that being at the gym for over an hour and a half, for most people, is actually detrimental to one’s success. Don’t be that person who does six exercises for one muscle group or someone who stays on the same machine for 30 minutes. Allow for at least 48 hours of rest and recovery before training the same muscles. No change, no gain. Little or no rest can lead to muscular strains and failure of the tissues to adapt. No two workouts should be the same when we hit the gym and train.


Close but no all-star

Maybe you’ve been exercising consistently, but you fail to change the way you work things out. In order for you to improve your fitness, you must make stress progressions. Exercise is only effective when the body experiences systematic changes, which enable it to adapt and perform better, faster and stronger. Sets, reps and resistances are several variables that should be modified for your program to provide you with continued results. Exercise experts can be of great use with regard to your specific and individualized needs. Even the fittest of the fit can learn great tips from personal trainers. If you are finding yourself stuck in a hapless holding pattern, then it might be an excellent idea to seek the advice of a trained professional.


Go forth and get fit

If you’re lost in a rut routine, or you’re not making any gains, encourage changes to your program and allow your body to be trained more effectively. Change is the name of the game, as is repetition. Knowing when and what to modify will ignite your inner ability to progress. Look ahead with your head held high and trust that you will dust off those not-so functional methodologies that once held you back. Knowledge is powerful and you are too. Walk, run, glide and fly headstrong into the healthy future that fits you.


Carson Crandall is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. In May 2015, he will be graduating with a B.S. in Exercise Science from Georgia State University. He currently works as a personal trainer and helps clients achieve their fitness-related goals. Outside of work, Carson enjoys strength training, sprinting, traveling and writing.