Is Tabata training the next big ‘it’ workout?


Tabata training

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With everyone racing to his or her CrossFit class, it makes you wonder what will be the next big thing for fitness enthusiasts. While CrossFit is revered for its diversity and intensity – there are some experts claiming the training program leads to little benefit, and can be down right dangerous. So what might endurance and strength seekers turn to next? Some say it’s Tabata Training.

Origins of Tabata Training

Tabata Training is workout with “fast and furious routines,” including cardio elements lasting just four minutes. Originally developed for a Japanese Olympic speed skating team, Men’s Health says this program is more effective than an hour of moderate cycling. In fact, when Tabata Training was studied on Japanese male college students, results showed improved aerobic fitness by 14%, and a 28% improved capacity to push their maximum effort.

Participants are encouraged to complete a series of high intensity interval training activities. The training typically requires eight intervals, each lasting twenty seconds at very high intensity, and ending at four minutes. To learn more, check out this video using a medicine ball that focuses on core strength.

Why it could be the next big “it” workout

With reports that Tabata training can burn a stunning 13.5 calories a minute, and exercise physiologist Dr. Abs (Michele Olson) tooting the benefits – it’s certain that this workout may get more attention in the future. Furthermore, the routines are mostly “low tech and lost cost,” making it easier for some Tabata elements to pop up in personal training sessions and classes at your gym.