Man lifting weights
Ever wonder how a football player goes into the next play with a sprained ankle? Or how a boxer — who is obviously worn out by round seven — can get back up and keep swinging?
Man holding Stop watch
Don't waste your time chit-chatting at the gym. Ever feel like you’re putting in too much time at the gym and still not seeing results? You may not be managing your time correctly. You can get a...
Group of children running in field
A sedentary lifestyle can make you forget how fun it is to be active and to move your body. Don’t let this happen to you or your kids!
woman cheering in sunlight
Age may be “nothing but a number,” but we’re all at the mercy of Father Time. While we can’t stop getting older, we can be proactive now and prevent debilitating age-related diseases later in life.
There's no question about it, a strong core is a confidence booster. When you strengthen your core — which includes your abs, back, butt and pelvic muscles — your posture and balance improves, giving...
Motivational quote
Just in case you do need a swift kick in the butt to get you going, we've rounded up 13 motivational quotes that will give you just the right amount of encouragement — plus one that we think goes a...
When the weather heats up and the BBQ invites are flowing, there are plenty of opportunities where you may have “one too many.” There’s more than just a hangover at stake the day after, especially if...
Ever feel like you're about to puke all over your sneakers in the middle of a workout? You're not alone. It happens to people of all fitness levels. Luckily, you don't have to stop your workout...
Krav Maga — Hebrew for contact combat — whips you into shape while teaching you a practical skill that may very well save your life one day.
Couple working out together
You’re soul mates — insert sarcastic “aw!” here — so why not be exercise buddies, too? It sounds like a good idea on paper. In fact, studies suggest that couples who work out together are more likely...