healthy eating

apples and measuring tape on a scale
News flash: All of our fitness magazines; weight-loss reality television shows; GNC advertisements; and that girl, Becky, at our gym, who dropped like 60 pounds in six months and looks totally...
Man feeding dog
Have we become convinced that nutritional tips for humans also apply to our pets? Or worse — we take better care of our pet’s health than our own?
Upset little girl at dinner table
Moms of picky eaters know that they take what they can get and worry about the nutritional benefits later.
Family eating dinner at home.
There are a few easy tricks that families can do to establish and keep good eating habits at home that will stick. For healthier habits, look no further than the kitchen.
healthy spaghetti squash recipe
We may never make pasta again — spaghetti squash is just too perfect of a substitute. Low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat and high in vitamin C, healthy spaghetti squash recipe becomes stringy when...
Woman fights fast food
While there is no bad time to take care of your body and improve your eating habits, we live in a world where we want instant results, and there are a lot of fad diets and myths so common that they’...
Dried fruit
Dried fruit makes for a yummy snack, but most brands contain tons of added sugar that turn a treat like dried pineapple from a healthy snack into a decadent dessert. It also carries a pretty...
Steak, potatoes and beer
OK, let’s get one thing straight, ladies — being female is awesome. We could rattle off zillions of reasons why, but again, let’s face it — we already know. And that’s...
As food truck popularity increases throughout the United States, so do the choices. Food trucks now are a revolutionary part of urban eating, when once they were limited to greasy spoon-on-wheels...
With busy on-the-go lifestyles, measuring cups and food scales are not easily accessible. Not to worry. Several everyday objects can aid in proper meal measurements.