At diner table with plate of food and smartphone
When it comes to weight loss, following a healthy diet is just as important as exercise. The question many people face: What exactly do we put in our mouths for optimal results?
Summer's here! Which means it’s time to take the grills out of hibernation. Most would agree that a lot of food tastes oh so much better on the grill. Hamburgers in the oven or sizzling on the grill...
While the short-term benefits of healthy eating are felt in our energy level and waistline, the long-term benefits prevent chronic illness, disease and even keep us living longer.
There’s a movement going on in the Silicon Valley region to help expand access to and connect those in need with healthy foods.
homemade granola recipes
On a long nature hike, you probably wouldn’t reach for a candy bar for an energy boost, but many granola bars pack a similar amount of fat and sugar. Here are some healthy homemade granola recipes...
Getting a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes — especially when you’re in your 30s and have had more than enough time to settle into certain dietary habits — can mean a huge lifestyle change for some...
Fat, as a substance in our food, is extremely important to a healthy diet. Yet we’re ripping fat-free and low-fat products off of the grocery shelves in an effort to slim down and be healthier.
carbonated water
A simple Google search will scare seltzer drinkers with reports about how the fizzy water doesn’t hydrate as well as regular water, erodes tooth enamel, leeches calcium from bones and is linked to...
Choosing what foods to consume every day, like any decision that yields a plethora of options, can be tricky — even more so if you’re trying to be health-conscious.
Once again, Google has given us something we didn’t even know we wanted. The tech giant recently launched a nutrition comparison tool that enables users to search for various foods and see how they...