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Kick your sugar habit one drink at a time
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One of the worst feelings to have is finding out your hardcore efforts to eat well are sabotaged by sneaky sugar content. Talk about the betrayal!
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There are many foods we consume that are surprisingly high in sugar. Here are five good snack options that will keep your sugar intake in check.
Candied nuts
Unfortunately, a lot of candied nuts are loaded with sugar, making them a less-than-healthy addition to your dinner menu. But that doesn’t mean...
Yogurt-covered pretzels
Slap a healthy-sounding name on something that isn’t really all that healthy and then wait for shoppers to eat it up. Yogurt-covered foods fall into...
homemade granola recipes
On a long nature hike, you probably wouldn’t reach for a candy bar for an energy boost, but many granola bars pack a similar amount of fat and sugar...
Believe it or not, all fruits are not created equal. When it comes to watching your waistline, there are some fruits out there that you should...
Hooked on convenience
The results of a new European study may make you think twice next time you reach for that convenient prepackaged or frozen meal.