Vacation tour
Being on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forsake your workout routine. Whether you’re on the beach, in a cabin or on a cruise ship, there’s no...
Working out at the gym
If you’re one of the many who have vowed to go to the gym in 2015, here are three tips to ensure you don't break your commitment.
Ice skating
The holidays are here, and you know what that means. No, not jingle bells and sleigh rides, but dinner parties and lots of creamy, calorie-laden...
Whether you’re headed out to the next room to workout, prepping for an outdoor run or going to the gym, these tips should help you survive the winter...
The harsh cold weather climate can actually help boost your metabolism and increase your chances of burning fat.
Runner on the beach
Do your eyes ever water while you work out? Have you ever peed a little bit (or a lot) while you were running? Physical activity has strange effects...
Dad doing a pushup with son on his back
Try this high-intensity interval training workout to gain endurance, strength and power.
Early morning yoga
It’s easier to push the snooze button than to actually get up and go to your sweat session. If you’re dying for that pep in your step in the early...
woman at work
If it were up to us, we’d rather be profusely sweating at a hardcore bootcamp class than sitting at our desk. But hey, we all need to make a living,...
prevent acne breakouts during workout
If your friends can judge the intensity of your last workout by the size of the red bumps forming on your forehead, you need to read this.