Breakfast in bed
While it’s always a nice thought, the logistics of serving someone breakfast in bed can be a real nightmare. What foods will make it to the bedroom in one piece? How can I carry it in without...
Yogurt-covered pretzels
It’s one of the oldest tricks in marketing — slap a healthy-sounding name on something that isn’t really all that healthy and then wait for shoppers to eat it up. Yogurt-covered foods, which seem...
What's one of the best ways to eat your meals? In layers, of course. And the easiest way to get some layers in your diet? Parfaits! From the savory to the sweet, we've rounded up some of the most...
Avoiding heavy cream and sugar means saving about a bajillion calories and will go a long way toward keeping those arteries unclogged, but does it mean sacrificing taste? We decided to put some of...
Loaded with nutrients from fresh fruit and calcium sources, smoothies are a favorite for health nuts and everyone alike. Unfortunately, not all smoothies are created equally.
This Indian and Pakistani spinach dish is unforgettable for its flavorful combination of freshly ground spices balanced by creamy yogurt and fresh paneer cheese.
The latest probiotic power players might give yogurt a run for its money. While kefir and skyr may differ from yogurt in many ways, these two cultured dairy products offer similar benefits.
Oatmeal provides the right amount of fuel to start your day and keeps you satisfied until lunch rolls around. Try these tasty variations to keep breakfast exciting.
It’s easy to overdo it, but snacking during the day helps you avoid serious bingeing when mealtime does roll around. Make yours count with these healthy picks.
Just looking at some of the Web’s popular dip recipes could make your waistline bulge: three-cheese bacon dip, loaded potato dip, buffalo chicken dip, BACON DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER DIP? Thankfully there...