Take me out to the ball game: Best and worst ballpark foods for your waistline


Cotton candy

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Baseball season has begun, and fans of America’s favorite pastime are rolling up their sleeves and diving into all the delicious foods ballparks have to offer. Here we look at some of the best and worst foods — we're talking health-wise, not taste — you can buy at parks across the country.



1. Sushi

Tired of the same old fried stuff? Next time you’re at the ballpark, seek out a sushi stand. This lean, low-fat food starts around 125 calories a roll, depending on the ingredients, and serves as a much lighter alternative to the usual ballpark fare.


2. Cracker Jack

Although it’s fallen out of favor with many fans, this historic snack remains one of the healthiest you can buy at the ballpark. A quarter cup only contains 120 calories and zero cholesterol. With 15 grams of sugar per serving though, you’ll want to avoid over-indulging.


3. Stir-fry

Some parks have added stir-fry stations in an effort to diversify their food offerings and offer healthier options to fans. At Busch Stadium in St. Louis, you can get veggie lo mein made your way for just 200 to 300 calories.


4. Grilled veggie sandwiches

Vegetarian options abound at parks these days — from a grilled veggie wrap where the Nationals play in D.C. to a vegan veggie panini in Anaheim. Subbing in veggies for a hot dog or brat means less fat, calories and cholesterol — definitely a winner if you’re trying to eat healthy.



1. Nachos

A perennial fan favorite, nachos also rank among the unhealthiest foods you can buy at the ballpark. Usually clocking in at around 1,000 calories, they’re loaded with all of the delicious additives found in the “processed cheese foods” ladled atop a pile of chips drenched in salt. Yum. (Click here for a healthier vegetarian option.)


2. The Boomstick

Estimated to contain an entire day’s worth of calories, this monstrous creation features a 2-pound hot dog with chili, cheese and all the fixin’s. Not surprisingly, it’s available in the state that boats everything’s bigger — Texas — at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. If the calorie count isn’t enough to deter you, the $26 price tag might.


3. Cotton candy

Avert your eyes from its pretty colors and fun spindle — this sparkly snack is bad news. In addition to pouring empty calories into your body, a 3-ounce bag contains 80% of the FDA’s daily-recommended sugar intake. Your teeth will also thank you for passing when the cotton candy man comes around.


4. Corn dogs

A staple of ballparks and state fairs everywhere, corn dogs aren’t nearly as healthy as we wish they were. Usually hitting 400 to 500 calories per serving, they’re also high in fat (including saturated fat), cholesterol, carbs and sodium. One every season’s usually enough for us.