Take the guesswork out of preparing assorted dark leafy greens with this handy guide


couple shopping for greens

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Greens are an important part of everybody's diet — regardless of whether you're a carnivore, an omnivore, a vegan, a pescatarian or a vegetarian. They are loaded with nutrients and — to put it simply — help keep your interior pipes clean so you can, erm, "go" normally.

If you're not a natural-born foodie and feel confused at the farmer's market, this handy guide by Live Better America breaks down some of the dark leafy greens that are good for you. And it doesn't just identify them for you so you don't go home with cabbage thinking it's radicchio. The chart lets you know how each green tastes — mild? bitter? — and the best ways to prepare them. No more guesswork and no more letting your greens wilt and end up in the trash because you had no idea how to cook them.

Live Better America