Take your notion of sex ed out of high school and into adulthood


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If the last time you learned anything about sexual health was as a pimple-faced teenager, you will want to keep reading. Sexual education is about more than just preventing disease and unwanted pregnancy (though of course those are important and should be decisions discussed with your partner).

A healthy sex life can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, burn calories, and improve sleep, among a whole slew of physical benefits. Emotionally, sex can enhance intimacy and build self-esteem. (For more visit WebMD.com)

“When you’re younger, sex is all about protection,” said Kevin Harshaw, marketing director for personal care at Reckitt Benckiser, maker of Durex, who spoke with HellaWella at the Durex “Get A Room” event Aug. 17 at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue South in New York. Harshaw noted that today, condoms are about more than protection and are among many products used to enhance the sexual experience.

Worry not if you feel like your sex life is a bit boring. You’re not alone. “The myth is everyone is having great sex,” Harshaw said. “As people age, things can get boring. [They’re] looking for ways to jazz things up.”

For couples just starting to broaden their sexual horizons, Harshaw suggests starting with different condoms, then moving on to lubes, then maybe rings, and from there such devices as vibrators, which are not just for women, he added.

“A healthy sex life can bring the sizzle, the bump back to the relationship,” he said.

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