Take your yoga practice into the pool


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Can’t hold a pose for too long without toppling over? While the hard surface is unforgiving to the balance-challenged, the pool is a great place to perfect your yoga moves without hurting yourself — or your pride.

Water yoga is a low-impact activity that can benefit everyone, including pregnant women, the elderly, people who are recovering from an injury, and arthritics. It can be a wonderful supplement to your otherwise vigorous weekly fitness routine since the water gives you the resistance that “dry” yoga lacks.

Stress melts away once you touch the water. Nothing can be more relaxing then breathing deeply and setting into a nice stretch as the warm water engulfs you and makes you feel weightless.

It’s a great way to boost the confidence of newbies since at least half of your body is underwater. Advanced yogis can also feel safe in the water as they practice their head stands.

Many of the poses done on land can be modified for the water. Try these moves by Women's Health magazine in your pool. Chest deep is the preferred depth and, if needed, a water noodle could be helpful for balance.

Finish your session with a floating corpse pose: Float on your back with your arms relaxed at your sides. Breathe easily and relax for all long as you’d like.