Talking smarter sex with DIK


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Whether you are in a committed relationship or just looking for a fling this Valentine’s Day (we won’t judge), the same old sex isn’t enough. Enter Do It Knowledgeably (DIK), a new company offering intimacy and personal products, eco-friendly apparel and smart technology. HellaWella spoke with CEO Bruce Weinberg on what makes DIK different, and how it speaks to a new generation of sexually savvy consumers.

“DIK. Do It Knowledgeably™ is all about being sexually savvy and socially sexy. It is an adult lifestyle brand and a movement that is designed to make its presence know in every major city worldwide,” Weinberg said. “The brand has identified a fundamental shift in how a generation consumes sex and a stagnant industry’s failure to react to it. DIK bridges the gap between the clinical and gratuitous, by being a modern, hip, intelligent and fun marketplace for social and sexually stimulating, fashionable and naturally casual wear, plus cool applications and products.”

According to Weinberg, he wants his products to go beyond established standards to be both healthful and pleasurable. He pointed to products that are both stimulating and may help prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria as an example, noting that development is well under way. Weinberg added that DIK will use the feedback of its customers to develop new products.

One thing customers are already demanding is sustainable products. DIK meets this demand with such products as breath mints that combine horny goat weed with guarana to form a natural alternative to stimulation products.

Weinberg also offered some tips for eco-friendly disposal.

“We don’t recommend second usage of condoms for example. Vegan (condoms) may compost. But recycling the lube and massage oil bottles are a great place to start,” he said.

According to Weinberg, he came up with the name Do It Knowledgeably because he does it that way himself. Here’s Weinberg’s advice for HellaWella readers on how to have smarter sex:

“Think about it. Literally think about it. Think about what you like. What your partner likes. Think about your technique. Think about who, what, where, when, how many times. Think about your choices. We’re all different and have different tastes and preferences. And DIK does not discriminate. Just remember: You do play at your own risk.”

To learn more about DIK products, or try some for yourself, visit Doitknowledgeably.com.