Tech Support: Workout clothes that keep your electronics in check


Cyclists with cell phone

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Fun fact: your phone could, in fact, short out if it comes into contact with boob sweat. Guess throwing it in my bra while running a 5k wasn’t the best idea. I know, gross. (Shout out to the bucket of rice that brought my phone back to life!) Also, running uphill intervals will most likely send your music player flying out of your chintzy lounge pants pockets in the midst of what was about to be a most epic sprint.

In case you were wondering, yes, these have both happened to me while on recent runs. A music-free workout can be torturous, and I like having the security of my phone while running. I am, however, beginning to get frustrated by these issues, but really don’t love the idea of a bulky armband. My mission: find tech-friendly athletic apparel that will hold the things I need with me. Don’t worry guys — we have some options for you, too!


Cup Holders

Ladies first! I must not be the only one who has experienced boob sweat burnout, as there are many sports bras on the market meant to keep your devices close to your heart. I kind of feel like a magician when I pull random objects out of my bra, so this is right up my alley. Swoob began after the founders noticed mountain climbers stashing items in their sports bras. (There’s an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder joke in there somewhere….) Their range of bras features a variety of support levels and water resistant pockets. Sweat all you want! Whatever the moisture-wicking fabric doesn’t dissipate will not damage your goods. Try the Idona Racerback Pocket Sports Bra, a versatile option that is sized to fit up to a D-Cup. Who needs a backpack when you have a boob pack? Seattle-based JoeyBra has upped the cup ante by outfitting their bras with double the pockets, and they zip! The North Face Women’s Stow-N-Go II Bra puts your devices front and center and is perfect for high impact activities.


Hiding in Plain Sight

Without Walls, available online and at select Urban Outfitters stores, carries their own line of funky workout apparel as well as a slew of exclusives, giving you lots of choices that hold your stuff without sacrificing style. The Without Walls French Terry Tee combines classic athletic details with a giant media pocket that somehow manages to look positively chic, and the mustard-hued Chums Twister Crew Sweatshirt features a playful chest pocket with a purple zipper that provides an artsy slash of color. Men, the Without Walls Hi/Low Reflective Crew tee is business in the front, but the roomy back storage panel makes for one awesome pocket party. It’s the casual version of tails. You’ll feel very classy.

I love the bold stripes and colorful zippers on The Columbia Heatwood Short, an insulated garment with pockets aplenty that is sure to become your go-to layering piece as temperatures drop. Guys, Columbia has a similar style for you with the Heatwood Cropped Pant.