Techie outlook: As fitness app usage improves, so does the technology


Woman at gym using smartphone

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This year is fleshing out to be a big year for the health and fitness app market, and as you will see later this year, the best one yet for its users.

A new report by Flurry Analytics found that health and fitness app usage has increased 62% over the past six months. This is kind of amazing, especially when shown the numbers from 2013: There was only a 49% increase in health and fitness app usage the entire year.

So where do fitness apps go from here?

Stephanie Tilenius of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers wrote about the rising significances of this technology in Forbes:

  • "By 2017, according to Research and Markets, half of the 3.4 billion smartphone or tablet users worldwide will use mobile health apps."
  • "I expect that by 2017, at least 30% of American consumers will regularly wear a device to track sleep, food, exercise, heart rate, blood pressure and even glucose passively and non-invasively.”

Blame it on the fitness fanatics

Who exactly is behind this surge of app usage?

Flurry Analytics analyzed a group of users who spent more than three times the average amount of time in health and fitness apps and labeled them “fitness fanatics.” Sixty-two percent of these “fitness fanatics” are females and 38% are males. Data shows that they are mainly mothers ages 25 to 54 who are sports fans and lead healthy lifestyles.

You can bet this is not just another trend when Apple and Google get involved.