Test your food poisoning facts with this true-or-false quiz


Food poisoning

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Ever suffer from food poisoning? Well, rejoice if you’ve lived a life free from that suffering. Because food poisoning is a rough time, full of vomiting, chills and pain — lots and lots of pain.

So before you take a chance with that suspicious-looking sushi — or your own questionable cooking — take this quick true-or-false quiz and check your knowledge of one of life’s greatest evils.

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  1. Symptoms always appear just hours after eating the contaminated food.

  2. Dehydration is a major concern if you have food poisoning.

  3. Dehydration is the only concern if you have food poisoning.

  4. You should seek medical attention if your symptoms are severe.

  5. Your age and health can put you at greater risk for food poisoning.

  6. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

  7. You can find some relief at home.

  8. It is always possible to find the cause of your food poisoning.