The 11 most ridiculously easy health tips EVER!!


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Sometimes healthy living can seem like such a chore. Eat this, workout that, clean over there, go to the doctor now — there’s an OUTBREAK. But what if living a long, healthy life could be as easy as sitting at your computer, flipping through this awesomely invaluable slide show?

Happy April Fools’ Day from your friends at HellaWella!

Pretend like you’re in a cleaning supply commercial. Scrubbing the kitchen will seem super fun.

Pose with a salad. It’s just as good as eating one.

Hug an old woman.

Bring your tea into the woods and breathe deeply.

Find an army of doctors, get them to stand in a “Grey's Anatomy”-like stance and have one cross his/her arms. You’ll feel really confident in their ability to heal you.

Safety first! Always wear your snorkeling gear when chopping onions.

Get your carb fix — sans calories — with a spaghetti bath.

Set yourself up for greatness. Wear a cape wherever you go.

Hold a heart in your hand. Not figuratively. Just get a heart-shaped object and cup it like this.

Stand on a scale. But don't look at the number. Just contort your body in a cute pose and stare into the distance.

It's been a long winter. Treat yourself to a pedicure.