The fine print on healthy fast food


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Know the nutritional info before ordering a healthier option!

Whether it’s switching to local produce or offering low-fat versions of popular menu items, fast-food menus are becoming increasingly health-conscious. We found five new healthy options offered from fast-food chains that HellaWella readers can sink their teeth into — but read the fine print first! While these menu items are healthier than their fatty counterparts, there’s still reason to tread lightly when you’re looking for a quick bite. In fact, make a habit of reading the nutritional value of every menu you encounter when you eat out. Your body will thank you.


Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s just launched a hand-breaded chicken fillet sandwich. While it is “freshly prepared,” it still packs a high dose of fat since it’s dipped in a buttermilk and egg batter and dusted with flour. Total calories? 650! Check out the rest of the nutritional info here and then prepare yourself for a long, calorie-burning jog!


Denny’s recently announced that it will offer Fit Fare meals, which claim to be lower in fat and calories, and higher in protein and fiber. The Fit Slam, for example, includes egg whites scrambled with spinach and grape tomatoes; two turkey bacon strips; an English muffin; and a side of fruit. This meal has only 390 calories, but watch out for the 850 mg of sodium! Not ready to make the full switch? Customers can replace regular menu items with healthier ones, such as egg whites, wheat pancakes or chicken sausage. Check out the rest of the nutritional info here.


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen just launched the Louisiana Leaux program of healthier menu alternatives that include naked chicken tenders, green beans and applesauce sides, and a Get Up & Geaux kids’ meal. Be careful: Remember that Popeyes’ new menu items are reduced in fat, calorie and sodium content, in comparison with its other menu items. The new Naked BBQ Chicken Po’ Boy still has 1,030 mg of sodium (and that was after the 51% reduction in sodium from it original sandwich)! Check out the rest of the nutritional info here before ordering.


Peet’s Coffee & Tea has rolled out its new light version of its blended iced coffee beverage, the Freddo, with up to 50% fewer calories than their regular version. Keep your waistline in mind before ordering any syrup flavoring, and hold the whipped cream! Check out the rest of the nutritional info here before sipping.


Chipotle is increasing its use of local produce to 10 million pounds from 5 million last year. Locally grown produce like bell peppers, jalapenos, oregano, red onions and romaine lettuce means more taste and more nutrition — not to mention supporting local growers. But there’s no reason to overload your belly with burritos due to this healthy switch. Learn about Chipotle’s nutritional info here.