The future may offer more nutritious ice cream — made with meat leftovers


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Eats_StrawberryIceCreamTurns out Dippin’ Dots might not be the ice cream of the future after all. One company is planning on using bone and meat trimmings to make a more nutritious version of this frozen treat. Can you say “yum?”

Before you throw your computer out the window and declare blasphemy in a violent fit of rage, consider this: The company responsible for this indecency, Mobitek-M, is actually trying to do some good.

Almost half of the animal weight processed in the meat industry is scrapped, even though it’s high in proteins and lipids, ScienceDaily explains. But the PROSPARE project — which stands for Progress in Saving Proteins and Recovering Energy — has found a solution: They developed a technology that uses food-digesting enzymes to convert meat scraps into proteins called “functional animal proteins hydrolyzes.” These proteins contain more beneficial amino acids than the proteins found in fish or eggs, and they can be used as supplements or additives in processed food — like ice cream.

Mobitek-M is testing this out in Russia through what it’s calling the Rosano Project. The company plans to transform approximately 100 tons of functional animal protein per day at its new plant in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

Some researchers believe this concept to be a resourceful way to reduce the impact of food production on the environment, even if consumers might not consider “bone trimmings” too appealing on their ice cream’s ingredient list. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first gross ingredient in our processed foods.