The Knot lets brides slim down and loss weight … in a healthy way


brides loss weight

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Were you as troubled as I was when you read Eats Editor Melissa Valliant’s story about brides-to-be starving themselves for over a week to slim down? It’s called the K-E (ketogenic enteral) diet, and I don’t like it.

We all know the healthiest way to lose weight is eating right and exercising. (Please don’t stick tubes up your nose to lose weight!) Online wedding planning website TheKnot.com is making it a bit easier with its new Bridalicious Boot Camp, in partnership with certified fitness trainer and bridal fitness expert Doug Rice. Rice has been getting brides in shape with this program since 2005.

The Bridalicious Boot Camp by The Knot package includes:

  • 12 targeted workouts on eight DVDs;
  • Four e-books with extra tips and tricks, including “The Big Day Diet” nutritional plan;
  • A copy of “For Better, For Worse: A Bride’s Guide to Better Eating”;
  • “Go-To Guide” with workout calendar; and
  • Custom eating plan for the final 21 days before the wedding.


“Brides these days are going to extreme measures in an effort to look their best for their weddings, which is why we’ve partnered with Doug Rice to offer a healthy and safe way to get in shape,” said Carley Roney, co-founder and editor in chief of TheKnot.com. “We wanted to make sure every bride had a chance to be trained by such a motivating trainer in such a fun way.”

The Knot is also providing brides with additional fitness, motivational and nutritional tools. They now offer brides an opportunity to have their questions answered by Doug Rice on its weekly “Fitness Fridays” feature on the community boards and Twitter. You can also interact with a community of brides online — helping one another through the process.

Tell us: How did/are you getting into shape for the big day?