The U.N. wants to give you a free fuel-efficient car


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The United Nations wants to reward your eco-friendly efforts by giving you [switch to Bob Barker’s voice here] … A NEW CAR!”  All you have to do is arrange an activity during June 3 to 8 in support of World Environment Day on June 5 and you can win one of five Kia cars.

This year’s contest focuses on the theme of “the green economy,” and participants are encouraged in their activities to show how the green economy affects everyone no matter their country, race, religion or economic status. To qualify for the competition, you must complete your activity during June 3 to 8 and register that activity on the World Environment Day website by June 30.

Submissions will be reviewed by a WED judging panel, and the winners will be selected by senior officials of the United Nations Environmental Program. The winners will be announced on July 30 in the following categories:

•    Biggest WED activity mobilization
•    Best supports WED 2012 theme — Green economy: Does it include you?
•    Most creative, unique and fun
•    Biggest WED social media buzz
•    Best delivers effective and substantive impact

Click here for complete contest rules and information.

World Environment Day is a global event that began in 1972 as a celebration for positive environmental action. For more information, go to UNEP.org/wed.