These podcasts will help you reconnect with your body, mind and soul


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It’s time to bring mindfulness back into our lives, and I suggest we make modern technology work for us. Podcasts — Internet-based shows that bring to mind the golden age of radio — are a treasure trove of intelligent entertainment and resources for healthy living, but with the sheer breadth of podcasts available, finding the right one can be a daunting task. Read on for some recommendations and get some moments of tranquility back into your life.


Everyday meditation

Meditation is a great way to get centered any time of day, but it can be difficult to shut out the world and get into the mindset to meditate. I rely on guided mediation to help me truly relax and let go of whatever is bogging me down. Meditation newbies will love Gabrielle Bernstein, the self-proclaimed “spirit junkie” and life coach who has been featured on OWN’s stellar lineup of spiritual gurus, Super Soul Sunday. Bernstein has candidly spoken of her own struggles in the past and how meditation and mindfulness has helped her find happiness, and she shares her wisdom via books, lectures and guided meditations. Bernstein created a podcast back in 2009 that is still available via iTunes. The meditations are short enough to fit into even the busiest schedule and cover a range of topics from forgiveness to setting a morning intention. The podcast also has a series of lectures conducted by Bernstein that will give you a taste of her philosophy and approach to wellness. Sign up for Bernstein’s newsletter and receive four more guided meditations free.

Those who are looking for a variety of meditation experts, try the Hay House Meditations podcast, which comes from spiritual wellness publishers Hay House. The podcast, which began at the beginning of the year, posts meditations weekly. So far, the promising lineup has featured self-help gurus such as Bernstein, Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. This is a great way of experimenting with different meditation techniques.


Yoga to the People

Whenever I feel like I need a moment of peace, I turn to yoga to refresh my body and mind, so I’m always looking to find new ways to practice. Yoga to the People, the popular studios that are all about inclusivity in an activity that can feel somewhat exclusive, has made it even easier to practice yoga anytime with their series of hour-long podcasts for a full class experience. This is not a podcast for beginners, but those who have a firm grip on yoga poses and an understanding of flow may be able to use this podcast to help guide home yoga sessions. As always, please talk to your physician before getting started.


Positive reinforcement

Sometimes, you just need some positivity and guidance in your life. On Being by Krista Tippett is a podcast in which noted journalist Krista Tippett interviews artists and great thinkers about how they find meaning in their lives. A recent episode which moved me to tears featured poet Mary Oliver discussing her process as well as the connection between art and nature. Tippett’s conversational style with people such as yogi Seane Corn, inspirational author Paulo Coelho, musicians The Indigo Girls and playwright Eve Ensler makes me feel as if I’m sitting down to tea with friends who just happen to be some of the most brilliant figures of our time, and she often offers unedited versions of episodes for those who want to hear even more of the conversations.

I am obsessed with the new Dear Sugar podcast, a take on the popular advice column from literary magazine The Rumpus, which was first authored by the wonderful Steve Almond and then taken over by Cheryl Strayed, best known for her memoir Wild. Anyone who has read Strayed’s collection of Dear Sugar columns, Tiny Beautiful Things, knows that Dear Sugar is all about beautifully rendered, honest advice. Almond and Strayed host this brilliant podcast of two friends coming together to help guide listeners towards the truths in their hearts.

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race know that one of entertainment icon RuPaul’s favorite sayings is, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” so it’s only fitting that his podcast with Drag Race judge Michelle Visage — What’s The Tee? — would take this message and run with it. RuPaul and Visage have been friends for years, and they make you feel right at home as they let you in on some of their musings on life. Guests have included singer and talk show host Tamar Braxton, singer Mary Lambert and several Drag Race contestants from past seasons, all willing to frankly discuss their journeys to self-actualization. It’s a hilarious and heartfelt show that is light years from your typical self-help advice and will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Podcasts can be a great way to enrich your life. Tell us: what are your favorite podcasts?