Throw a proper World Series party with New York & Kansas City grub


Baseball stadium

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It’s that time of year when all eyes turn toward the TV to watch two cities go head to head in the culmination of a season of pursuit: the World Series. This year, the New York Mets will take on the Kansas City Royals, and whether you’re a diehard baseball or you just enjoy the excitement of our country’s biggest sports celebrations, you may find yourself hosting friends and family for the big games. We’ve selected a few tasty treats from each city to help you throw a proper World Series bash.

Since ballpark food and sports grub isn’t exactly diet-friendly, you may want to add a platter of veggies and a salad. 

Play ball!


Kansas City

Believe it or not, you can actually order online everything from brisket and ribs to burnt ends straight from Kansas City’s Jack Stack Barbecue. However, these shipments come with a pretty hefty price tag (an order that serves eight to 10 will start at $109). So why not try to make the city’s famous ribs yourself? Serious Eats can walk you through smoking or grilling ribs, including creating the perfect rub.

But if ribs seem a little too challenging for you, another popular and party-friendly recipe are roast beef sliders. This recipe from The Kansas City Star comes straight from a local pitmaster and uses the KC Masterpiece Kansas City Classic Sauce, which can be found in most grocery stores. The recipe uses a slow cooker — a hands-off way to prepare for a party.

And whether you go for the gold with the ribs or make the tasty sliders, serve them with Food.com’s Kansas City Smokehouse Beans. With bacon, brown sugar and chili powder, this sweet and spicy combo is a perfect side dish.



New York 

The best way to enjoy these ubiquitous New York treats is to make them in miniature and serve them on large platters so your guests can try a little of each. And that goes for this simple New York City Hot Dog recipe from Martha Stewart — simply cut each dog in half and serve with the famous onion sauce on the side. You can skip boiling the hot dog — although that makes them very “New York” — and grill them outside, but steaming the buns is a key step.

You can’t have New York-themed eats without serving New York pizza — All Recipes walks you through making the dough from scratch and adding traditional toppings. We suggest skipping the usual New York-sized slices and cutting the pie into squares to serve as finger food.

Finally, mini bagels from Smitten Kitchen will be super popular, especially if you serve them with such quintessential toppings as cream cheese and lox. Slice your mini bagels in half and serve with toppings on the side, so baseball fans can munch on one half at a time.


Don’t forget the sweets!

When it comes to desserts, the New York cheesecake will shine bright. This classic from Martha Stewart incorporates a thick graham cracker crust and uses a springform pan to make the baking easy. Serve with cherry sauce, chocolate or caramel on the side.

Kansas City’s sweet treat is as easy as, well, pie — in a casserole dish. Using chocolate cookies, pudding and whipped topping, this layered dessert from Lilluna comes together in a snap.