Tips for scoring the best fitness Groupon deals


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Groupons and other deals sites are an excellent, affordable way to get you started in the fitness world. However, you must be vigilant of the fine print when searching for the best deals.

Volume versus expiration date

Most fitness Groupons expire within 30 to 90 days of purchase, while others have a set date. Fitness Groupons tend to include a high number of classes for a discounted price, which sounds like a good deal at first until you realize after purchasing that you need to fit those classes in a one- to three-month span.

For example: This deal offers up to 20 kettlebell boot-camp classes for $89 and expires 90 days after your purchase. These classes are offered only during the morning, three days a week, meaning you would have to schedule about two classes a week for three months to get your money’s worth. That’s a big commitment for a class that may not be for you.

Other limiting factors

There are a lot of other limiting factors that hide even in the best-looking Groupons. This fitness deal offers 30 yoga classes for $20, which is a steal! But here are a few of the more limiting factors attached to this deal:

• 10 classes per company
• Limit five classes at Yoga Siddhi, Yoga Girls by Allure, Yoga East Orlando and Lake Center Yoga
• Not valid for walk-ins/Classes must be booked online

So while Groupons can offer an incredible savings on fitness classes, it’s important to check the fine print first to find the deal that’s right for you.