Toast your Valentine with one of these 11 drinks


Pink fizzy drink

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You don't need to have a Valentine lined up to enjoy one of these 11 drinks. You can even throw an un-Valentine's Day party, mix up some of these babies and sip away while indulging in a romcom marathon and count down to the day-after-Valentine's Day-half-off-chocolate sale. Just like these 11 festive Valentine's Day beverages, some of these concoctions are just as tasty without the booze for those who prefer alcohol-free beverages.


1. La Rosa Cocktail

Marla Meredith / Family Fresh Cooking 

Marla Meredith of Family Fresh Cooking combines pomegranate juice, Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower and gin. She tops the cocktail off with a skewer of fresh blackberries and a couple of sprigs of peppermint.


2. Spiked Blackberry Vanilla Lemonade

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts 

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts cuts the tartness of lemon juice with sweet blackberries and the seeds of a single vanilla bean. You can add water if you're keeping it booze-free. But if you plan to spike it, regular vodka is nice. Vanilla-flavored vodka is nicer.


3. Strawberry Bourbon Fizz

Heather Christo 

Heather Christo tests out her mixology skills with this cocktail that combines fresh strawberries (tart and sweet ones) with bourbon, some ginger ale and chilled club soda. It's ready in just a couple of minutes and perfect for Valentine's Day — or for those who are pining for spring to finally arrive.


4. Refreshing Raspberry Champagne Sparklers

Baker By Nature 

Okay, so Baker By Nature uses Prosecco to make this pink delicious boozy bubbly drink, but we're certainly not judging. And if pink delicious boozy bubbly drinks are good enough for New Year's Eve, well they're certainly good enough for Valentine's Day, dang it.


5. Pisco Sour

Sippety Sup 

Peru has given us mouthwatering seafood dishes, roasted corn kernels and this drink right here. The Pisco Sour, Peru's national drink, is bright and tangy, a delicate balance of sweet and sour flavors. After some trial and error, Sippity Sup nailed it in this recipe. It may not have anything to do with Valentine's Day, but it's so delicious, we just could not leave it out. Have a sip.


6. Blackberry Thyme Sparkler

The Effortless Chic 

The Effortless Chic goes all out with this posh cocktail. Champagne (or Prosecco because ka-ching), a bit of gin, fresh blackberries, a sprig of thyme and gold baking sugar for the rim. Now that's presentation.


7. Winter Sour

Sippety Sup 

We were so impressed with Sippity Sup's Pisco Sour that we included this Winter Sour cocktail. It's pink! So, hey, Valentine's Day-friendly. And it's freaking delicious. So bottoms up!


8. Violet Valentine

Eat the Right Stuff 

Look at this drink. It's gorgeous and it's purple. Eat the Right Stuff muddles two raspberries, adds some maraschino liqueur (the cognac from a posh jar of Morello Cherries works) and some violet syrup. Strain into two flutes and top with Prosecco, garnish with a twisted lemon peel strip and voila!


9. The Dirty Shirley

Stir & Scribble 

Get your mind out of the gutter. The Dirty Shirley is but a boozed up version of the classic Shirley Temple. Stir & Scribble adds vodka and Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cherry liquor and garnishes with Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Cherries.


10. Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri for Two

Food Fanatic  

Food Fanatic whipped up this quick drink by combining coconut rum, spiced rum and frozen berries. Whipped cream topping optional.


11. Cupid's Arrow: a Chocolate Raspberry Martini

The Morning Star Bed & Breakfast 

The Morning Star Bed & Breakfast published this recipe on its website a couple of years ago, and boy are we happy to have found it. It was love at first sight. A chocolate raspberry martini that isn't cloyingly sweet? Dark chocolate, fresh raspberries and booze?? Yes, please.



Thrive Style 

But wait, there's more. We couldn't leave out this recipe for gummy wine hearts. How perfect are these?