‘Tone it Up’ trainers teach us how to be beach babes


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Beach Babe DVDKarena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, the powerhouse training duo behind "Tone It Up," are ready to turn you all into sleek surfer Betties with their new “Beach Babe” DVD series. When Jane Fonda calls you “the new faces of fitness,” expectations are going to be high, and these ladies deliver. Each of the seven workouts that comprise the “Beach Babe” series is unique and can be mixed and matched. All were shot in Hawaii, and the roaring surf and pristine sand help to motivate throughout.

Bikini Sculpt, a 40-minute full-body regimen, aims to “tone and cinch every inch!” In addition to their targeted movements, Karena and Katrina provide modifications to intensify your workout, as well as “fine-toning” and “cinching” add-ons for maximum effectiveness. Moves like the hip-rocking Heat Wave and the Bridge Burner will get you sleek and strong. If you’re into working one specific area, try the Bikini Abs or Bikini Booty series, led by Katrina, or the super intense Summer Arms, featuring Karena, each of which give you a challenging, focused workout in under 15 minutes.

The real fun begins when Karena and Katrina get moving together in the exciting Surfer Girl and HIIT The Beach workouts! Both routines make excellent use of circuit training and combine cardio and sculpting for full body fitness, while the duo’s infectious energy make exercise fun! Surfer Girl relies on moves like the Surf’s Up jump squats and circuits with increasing intensity, while HIIT The Beach utilizes High Intensity Interval Training to get your heart pumping. A tiny counter in the corner helps to keep you going when the exercises are getting super tough. End your workout with the Long and Lean routine, led by Karena. This yoga-inspired stretching regimen encourages deep breathing, increases flexibility and soothes sore muscles.

A motto Karena and Katrina use is “change is uncomfortable.” Changing your body isn’t easy, but they aim to make a healthy lifestyle achievable and fun by encouraging interaction and showing support throughout the video and beyond via social media. Head on over to the “Beach Babe” DVD website to purchase the series and Tone It Up to learn more about your trainers, their nutrition plan and much more.