Top 10 fitness stories of 2014



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We pumped out lots of sweat-tastic stories in 2014, geared toward fitness fiend and beginner alike. As we all prepare to make a new list of resolutions, let's take a look at our top 10 fitness stories of the year. We promise there's helpful information to not only start 2015 on the right foot but also keep you on track.


1. Take a hike: 30 most spectacular hiking trails around the world

You want motivation? How about 30 of the most gorgeous hiking trails you could be on right now?


2. 9 muffin-top melting moves to get you back in your skinny jeans

Don't let that pooch stop you from slipping into your favorite pair of jeans ever again.


3. 5 vitamins that help build muscle strength and tone body

Because every little bit helps.


4. 6 tips for exercising with a new tattoo

Get the lowdown on how to carry on with your exercise routine without ruining your new ink. Conversely, don't use  your new ink as an excuse to interrupt your workout momentum.


5. Top 5 tricep exercises to banish arm jiggle for good

Ain't nobody got time for arm jiggle.


6. Ways to keep up your early-morning workout when it's cold outside

It's tough to stick to those resolutions when you live in places where winter feels a bit brutal. We like to keep you motivated, because you can  do it.  


7. How exercise can help you battle stress

Stress is a universal language, isn't it? Kill two birds with one stone: de-stress by keeping fit.


8. Foam rolling and why it’s awesome for your body

You'll want to pay extra attention to this one — the foam roller is not only a great piece of equipment that aids any workout routine but also especially beneficial to those who are coming back from an injury (talk to your doctor and get that green light first!).


9. The proper way to use hand weights for beginners

An excellent primer to help get you started on your fitness goals.


10. How to prevent acne breakouts during your next workout

It's hard enough to stay motivated when you're not exactly the gym-type. Don't let acne torpedo your momentum!