Top 10 hottest peppers in the world

For a long time, everyone thought the ghost pepper topped the list of crazy-spicy, feels-like-your-tongue-will-never-taste-anything-ever-again hot peppers. The truth: It's only No. 4 (but still packs A LOT of heat). 

Based on test results from New Mexico University's Chile Pepper Institute, here's a list of the top 10 spiciest peppers in the world, ranked by the Scoville heat units of each. Try at your own risk.


1. Trinidad moruga scorpion

2 million SHU

Imagine chewing an entire jalapeño pepper at once. Now multiply that by 400. That's a Trinidad moruga scorpion. This golf-ball-sized pepper stole the No. 1 spot in February 2012 when the Chile Pepper Institute declared it the world's hottest pepper. At 2 million SHUs, you might be better off eating an actual scorpion. 

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2. Chocolate 7-Pot

1.8 million SHU

Trinidad apparently likes its peppers mad-hot, because the world's second hottest chile pepper came from the same place as the first. The chocolate 7-pot is shaped almost like a habanero, with little dimples throughout. Good luck getting your (glove-covered) hands on one of these puppies, though — they're very difficult to find. 

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3. Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

1.5 million SHU

Ranked the world's hottest pepper by Guinness World Records in 2013, this pepper takes the No. 3 spot based on CPI's findings. The 1.5 million heat index still makes it hot enough that, in order to cook with it, cultivators have to wear chemical masks and body suits.

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Submitted by dr pepper on

recently had one of these fresh out of my garden,wow, must say I never thought I would say this but there is such a thing as too hot,but this pepper sat me right down and rocked my world!

Submitted by Miss Viking on

These are so hot the other hot peppers planted near then shrunk away from the scorpions. They hurt like hell but it's a pretty short lived burn

Submitted by Levi on

Incorrect, the carolina reaper is the hottest pepper.

Submitted by Alfredo Larios on

The Carolina Reaper creator MR ED CURRIE has several strains within it (all way to H)always creating new crossing submitting new one called"Death" ,I admire this man greatly.


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