Top 10 items that should be in your beach bag


Becah bag and flip-flops

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Summer may be flying by, but there’s plenty of it left, which is always good news for aficionados of the Day Star who enjoy going to the beach. Before you head out to catch some vitamin D-packed rays, make sure to pack these 10 essentials in your beach bag, and don’t forget to pack up your cooler!

Ready to count them down?


10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen resting on orange flip-flops

Protection, protection, protection. Nobody’s trying to get you to shun the sun, but if you insist on worshiping it, please slather on that sunscreen. Make sure it’s not SPF-why-bother, either, and remember to reapply, especially if you’re swimming.


9. Towels

Stack of towels

Yes, plural. Pack one to stretch out on and a clean one so you can towel yourself off after a swim without getting sand on yourself, your friends and your sandwiches.


8. Flip-flops

Flip-flops burried in sand

You shouldn’t walk around in flip-flops all the time, but they sure come in handy on a trip to the beach. They are easy to clean, and you won’t get that collection of soggy sand in your shoes.


7. Lip balm with SPF

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm with SPF 30

We’re talking to you, guys and gals. It’s important to protect that kisser from harmful sun rays so you can pucker up well into your old age. You don’t have to get the pricier tinted stuff from swankier brands, either — although if you want to, by all means go ahead. But this Coppertone Sport Lip Balm is SPF 30 and all of $3.


6. Shades

Young woman and man wearing sunglasses and smiling a lot about it

A pair of shades will not only protect your eyeballs but also keep you from easing your face into perma-squint. (If you wear glasses and keep them on at the beach, then consider a floppy hat or an umbrella.) And just look at these two in the photo. Sunglasses apparently make you smile euphorically for no apparent reason. Is that not enough?


5. Tunes

MP3 player

Don’t forget to charge your best friend, the MP3 player, and take it along so you can relax while working on that tan. Hey, sometimes you need a little help tuning out all the shrieking and constant chatter.


4. Reading material

Stack of books with a crab on top

Take that law textbook you need to read before the semester begins, that book on medieval women you’ve been trying to read without much success on your horrible commute, that trashy romance you’re too embarrassed to read on the bus, or the collection of glossy magazines that piled up and collected dust on your coffee table. And if you take your e-reader, be careful. Don’t get it wet. Because that totally sucks.


3. First-aid kit

First aid kit

No need to go crazy, but it can’t hurt to take some aloe in case of a burn, some Band-Aids in case of a small cut or scrape, antibiotic ointment or peroxide, alcohol wipes and assorted tablets for everything from headaches to stomachaches. Always be prepared.


2. Baby wipes

Baby wipes

If you’re not a fan of hand sanitizer, baby wipes will do in a pinch. Clean your hands before and after handling your food.


1. Baby powder

Baby powder

I Dream of Clean ingeniously suggests that you pack some baby powder. Remember that sand we keep grousing about? The sand that keeps sticking to your sunscreen-covered and not-quite-dry-from-your-swim body? Get rid of that sand by rubbing baby powder on yourself. It’s like magic.