Top 10 ways to make a happier home


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Between unexpected repairs and hefty mortgage payments, it’s not hard for the house you love to get you down. But it’s actually possible with a few easy swaps to make home your happy place.

Get new blinds
Banish heavy curtains that block out the sunlight or those old broken-down shades that are just too difficult to move. Swap ‘em out for new, easy-to-use blinds that you can open with ease to let the sun shine in. Hello, vitamin D, goodbye, seasonal affective disorder.

Stay focused in the office, keep guests chatting away in the kitchen, snooze with ease in the bedroom. The colors we surround ourselves with impact how we feel. Paint a room the appropriate color to inject it with just the right mood (try these hues to keep it fashion-forward, too).

Rearrange things
Stop what you’re doing and look around the room you’re in. Choose one thing that’s always bugged you (the lighting isn’t quite right in your reading chair, the mixing bowls are too high up in the cupboard) and fix it right now. We’ll wait. Do this once a week in different rooms and your home will start chugging along like a well-oiled machine — and you’ll be extra relieved every time you can reach the mixing bowls.

Make the bed
As your bed is, so your head will be also. A crazy-looking bed with crumpled up sheets and comforters is not a relaxing sight to come home to. Even if it’s just yanking up the comforter to hide the disarray underneath, make your bedroom look like the calming sanctuary it’s meant to be.

Inject some color
It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to get that “new home” feel. Add some bright new throw pillows, colored sheers, a new rug or brightly colored kitchen utensils to spice things up.

Correct the lighting
Bathroom lighting is often the most unflattering, and it’s usually where we’re trying to make ourselves look good. For an extra boost of confidence, replace the light fixtures or light bulbs in your bathroom — or anywhere else you get ready. Install a lighting fixture that directs the light where you need it and doesn’t cast any unsightly shadows. And use bulbs that are bright and a warm, white color, and banish yellow or blue-white bulbs, which can make skin look worse.

If you love it, move it
Rotating artwork and knick knacks can help you notice them more often. And when that accessory holds a warm, fuzzy memory, you’ll get an instant mood boost every time you walk by.

Bring the outdoors in
Houseplants help clean the air we breathe. Plus looking at them can make us just plain happier, especially during the cold months when we’re all seeing a little less green. Cultivate that green thumb or choose a variety that’s easy to care for).

Fix the temperature
Feeling just a bit too warm or cold can start to subconsciously sabotage our mood. Be sure to drape throws anywhere that’s prone to getting drafty and add in fans wherever it gets a bit stuffy.

Recreate your happy place
Think of the places that have made you happiest (maybe it’s your mom’s kitchen or your honeymoon destination) and recreate those spaces in your home. Just an accessory might be enough to do it, or you can go full-on for a more dramatic effect.