Top 15 gifts for fitness fanatics who have it all


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Fitness lovers adore new gear. They’re either sweating through everything, beating something up until it's worn or are simply distracted by the latest crazy gadget. Why beat around the bush? Give them what they really want: more fitness stuff!

Here are 15 gift ideas for all the sweaty people in your life:


1. Laundry Punch Bag

The cheapest form of anger management out there, and who doesn’t get angry doing laundry? For the multitasker in the family, this laundry punching bag looks like the real thing. Just fill with your dirty unmentionables, hang it up and beat the hell out of it.

Price: $32


2. Arctic Yowie

HellaWella tested and approved gear for the winter. Better than a bandana, this little wonder is made out of soft, stretch microfiber fabric and fleece. Wear it as a facemask, beanie, headband, neck scarf, wrist band, scrunchie or some other way we can't even fathom yet. Visit the website and check out all of the funky designs. It's also available without the fleece.

Price: $11.95 (without fleece); $14.95 (with fleece)


3. Compression Pants

110% Play Harder gear’s Juggler Knickers combines zoned, gradient compression and ice therapy to deliver faster recovery between training sessions. Targeting the hips, glutes, lumbar, ITBand, quadriceps, hamstrings and knees, these knickers feature sleeves to insert ice packs (included). Just think of R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and apply it to apparel. It can be worn both during and after exercise.

Price: $150


4. Fancy Workout Gloves

Lightweight and fashionable workout gloves by G-loves are perfect for any fitness chick. Not only are they super feminine; they're functional too. They eliminate hand fatigue and fit the shape of your hand while leaving your fingers free to grab the weights, dumbbells or handlebars without forming calluses. Choose from a variety of styles and colors.

Price: $45


5. "The Drunk Diet"

So nice we read it twice! This memoir by Lüc Carl — radio personality on SiriusXM Hair Nation and Ozzy’s Boneyard — is a great read for anyone who is interested in healthy living but tired of the stuffy advice from the “experts.” It’s a “beer-soaked tale of a long-haired, leather-clad rock ’n roll party-maker who transformed a whiskey-and-5 a.m.-cheeseburger lifestyle into a wildly successful weight-loss regime.” Whoever reads this book will be inspired by his down-to-earth advice and hilarious anecdotes.

Price: On sale on Amazon.com for $10.40


6. Fitness-Inspired Jewelry

Whether it’s for your personal trainer or that buff special someone in your life, fitness-inspired jewelry like this handmade stainless steel necklace that you can personalize, will warm their hearts. Just make sure their muscles don’t crush you when you get a “thank you” hug.

Price: $32


7. Towel Mate

It’s not just any old towel. Towel Mate sops up your sweat AND holds your keys and phone in a hidden zippered storage pocket. It shields you from germs and can slide on to most equipment at the gym — just in case the person before you didn’t wipe down.

Price: $25


8. 6-Bottle Bike Bag

Give the gift of BYO-awesome to a cyclist this season. This waterproof canvas bottle holder carries six 500-milliliter bottles in individual pockets. It fits securely to the center of your bike so you don't have to arrive to the holiday party empty-handed.

Price: $57.09


9. Yaktrax

With YakTrax, you can run, walk, hike, ski — whatever — in packed snow and ice without losing traction. Perfect for someone on your shopping list who is not afraid to brave the winter weather.  

Price: $20 to $60


10. Misfit Shine

The Shine is the most GQ-esque personal activity tracker out there. This sleek tiny disc features a halo of lights that light up in relation to your activity level. You could actually wear it with a suit — try to get away with that wearing a Fuel band. Attach it to your wrist, shoe, bra strap, belt or around your neck.

Price: $119.95


11. Total Body Performance Kit

For the hard-working athlete, this kit comes complete with a variety of self-massage tools and an in-depth instructional DVD and guidebook. You’ll be giving the gift of quick recovery and injury prevention. If that doesn’t say “I love you,” we don’t know what will.

Price: $179.99


12. Hammock

Anyone who likes the outdoors needs a hammock, and this one holds room for two. It also folds up into the size of a grapefruit so it can be taken along on every adventure.

Price: $69.95


13. Luxx Gym Bag

Any fitness buff will appreciate a new gym bag to stash their gear in. This bag does it all. Attach a yoga mat to the side, stick stinky sneakers in the shoe compartment and keep the laptop safe in its own sleeve. If they’ve been really good all year, add stocking stuffers inside all 11 pockets (think breath spray, facial towelettes and odor eliminator).

Price: $207


14. Stride Box Subscription

Give a gift that keeps on giving: a monthly subscription box service for runners and athletes. Each month, they will receive a box (duh) full of assorted products focused on enhancing their trainings, workouts and races. Each month is different — it can include anything from energy bars, gels and other foods, to apparel, gadgets and other fun extras.

Price: $20 for one month; $50 for a three-month subscription


15. Spa Finder Gift Card

They’ve worked hard all year; pamper them with a massage or spa day. Spa Finder makes it easy. Choose the amount you want to give, print, and give in person or email it directly to their inbox. They can redeem it at more than 20,000 spa and wellness locations worldwide.

Price: $25 to $500