The 25 best home blogs of 2013


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Another year has come and gone, and although it has passed as fast as any other, it was not lacking in helpful, colorful blogs — especially in the home category. In no particular order, here are 25 of our favorite bloggers from the past year.


1. Savvy Home

If your tastes extend beyond decorating your home to some affordable fashion, bookmark Savvy Home. The blog has got gift guides, home decor ideas — need an upholstered bench? They’ve got nine options at different price points — and fun fashion picks.


2. Behind the Red Barn Door

Behind the Red Barn Door tells the story of Tara, a thrifty DIYer who is constantly working on projects for her farmhouse. She also gives you a glimpse into her personal life, like her new baby, who you can meet on the home page right now.


3. {re}cycled consign and design

This pretty much sums up {re}cycled consign and design: “With both new and recycled pieces, anyone will find a treasured item to complete their decor from rough lux to country chic.” Aside from cool home decor, the site also offers up some fab fashion ideas and delish recipes.


4. EarthEasy

EarthEasy is all about “the benefits of a simpler, less material lifestyle, and the importance of protecting our natural environment as the source of our well-being.”


5. BrightNest

Acquired by Angie's List in 2013, BrightNest covers a wide range of home-related topics. In need of some decor tips? Want to try your hand at some DIY projects? Can’t decide how to decorate your home for the holiday? BrightNest has top-notch advice for all your home living needs.


6. The Inspired Room

The voice behind The Inspired Room knows home decor like no other. Melissa claims to be “DIY challenged and always on a budget,” so her crafty ideas are “very simple.” It may be well past Christmas, but don’t forget to check our her Christmas House Tour for a room-by-room showing of her brilliant holiday decorations.


7. Clean and Scentsible

Need some organizing tips for a clutter-free life? Or maybe a tutorial on Grinch Oreo Pops? Then you’ve come to the right place. The voice of Clean and Scentsible, blogger Jenn, has got the tools to organize from your home office and refrigator to your kids’ Lego collection.


8. Centsational Girl

Attention, all DIYers. Head on over to Centsational Girl for some beautiful ideas, complete with beautiful photography. And if you’d like to see a gif of a Christmas tree getting decorated, this blog has got one. It’s the gif that keeps on giving.


9. I Heart Organizing

If anyone loves organizing, it’s the blogger behind I Heart Organizing. In no time, Jen will have your kitchen, digital photos, spice jars, office desk — you name it — sorted and clutter-free.


10. DIY Cozy Home

Get your crafts and DIY on with DIY Cozy Home, which is way ahead of the holidays with a post on Valentine’s Day wreaths published in December. We’re on-board.


11. Domestic Imperfection

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection knows there’s no such thing as a perfect household, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to make her home a beautiful place to live. Just don’t take it all too seriously. “It’s just decorating, it's just stuff … none of it really matters in the end,” reads her site.


12. Sew Many Ways

Want to organize, sew or create? Sew Many Ways is your go-to guide for recipes, recycling projects, sewing and organizing, all in one place.


13. Simplified Bee

We dare you to check out Simplified Bee and not get lost in the beautiful photography. And, yes, we know Christmas is over, but head on over and check out the creative holiday decor for some ideas in 2014.


14. A Slob Comes Clean

Unless you’re Mary Poppins, you probably hate cleaning and may not be very good at it. Visit A Slob Comes Clean for a “completely honest account of [blogger Dana’s] personal deslobification journey.”


15. Clean Mama

If you want cleaning advice, you’ll want to take it from a blogger who calls herself “Clean Mama.” Need a jumpstart for 2014? Becky’s got a calendar to keep yourself organized for the new year.


16. Simply Fabulous Living

Decorating, organizing and entertaining ideas abound at Simply Fabulous Living. Accompanied by beautiful photography, you’ll find plenty of ideas for 2014.


17. Green Moxie

Green living gets an urban makeover at Green Moxie, where you’ll find green advice for your home, kitchen and DIY side. For example, if you want to know how to make your own lip balm, they’re got instructions.


18. RealEstate.com Blog

If you’re in the market to buy a new home or sell yours, you can pick this blog’s brain. Want to stain your floors? Learn how to move your valuables? The most common home-buying mistakes? The various authors featured on the RealEstate.com blog have the dirt.


19. Laurie March Home

Laurie March is on-camera talent with HGTVRemodels.com. She founded a project management and design firm in 2005, and has completed more than 50 homes for a number of Hollywood folk. So does she know what she’s doing? You betcha.


20. The Nest

A mix of recipes, love advice and, of course, home decor and organizing articles, The Nest is a fun way to pass the time and get great tips on just about anything. Plus, you can create your own profile with a blog, photos and boards.


21. My Green Home Blog

It isn’t easy being green. But it will be a bit easier with My Green Home Blog. It’s got everything you need to lead a greener life, from buying furniture and holiday ideas to gardening tips and energy-saving advice.


22. It’s Great to be Home

It's Great to be Home tells the “adventures of a serial home improver.” It documents blogger Liz and her eight and counting home flips.


23. Remodelaholic

Remodelaholic tells the story of a couple whose motto is: “Reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel.” And they do it all on a budget. With two children.


24. You Grow Girl

Living in the city doesn’t mean you can’t garden. Blogger Gayla, the voice behind You Grow Girl, has learned to garden in tight spaces on a tight budget. Read about her projects and tips, plus recipes and gift ideas.


25. IKEA Hackers

Learn how to modify and repurpose IKEA products. Yup, IKEA Hackers solely exists to help you hack your IKEA furniture.