Top 25 home blogs of 2012 including green, design, and gardening


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Is it just us, or does the Internet seem to have a glut of blogs? There’s a blog for every taste bud, hobby, pastime, outdoor enthusiast and health nut. And there are no shortage of home blogs — trust us, we checked.

That’s why we scoured the Web and found the best — at least in our humble opinion — home blogs of 2012. Need DIY help, design inspiration, cleaning tips? These blogs have got you covered.


All-around home blogs


  • Apartment Therapy has it all: projects, budgeting, green living, videos and products. And because the folks behind the site believe you don’t need a ton of space or money, anyone can benefit from its advice and ideas.
  • BrightNest has home advice for a range of topics, including green information, money-saving advice, cleaning tips and DIY projects.
  • You had us at the blog’s name, 30-Minute Martha. As the site states, “The goal is to make a home, not a pristine house. … If you want to create a lovely household but don’t have five hours to make a table centerpiece from actual turkey feathers — that you raised yourself on your free-range, organic hobby farm — you’re in the right place.” We’re so there.

Gardening blogs

  • The Gardenist

    If you’re a city dweller with dreams of growing your own garden in the urban jungle, Urban Organic Gardener is a must.

  • You Grow Girl functions as a community for gardeners, “who want to grow but whose garden space is less than ideal.” Blog entries include “The Secret to Growing Happy Thyme,” “Holiday Gifts for Gardeners 2012” and “I Bought a Cleaver. In Fact, I Bought Two!”
  • Ever dreamt of growing your very own container garden? Life on the Balcony, written by Fern Richardson, is your go-to place if your garden space consists of a small balcony or patio.
  • The Gardenist is not a place for “simple answers” to simple gardening questions — so says Michael McCoy, author of the blog. Rather, visitors should expect a place to identify the real questions of gardening.

Cleaning blogs

IHeart Organizing

  • Need help cleaning your home? Clean Mama is here to help with organizing tips, cleaning schedules and advice to stop paper trails.
  • Golden Shine Cleaning Agency offers cleaning services to the residents of Orange County. It also has a cleaning blog, which offers such advice as cleaning stainless steel, natural air freshening and green cleaning tips for your bathroom.
  • Cleaning company Teresa’s Family Cleaning offers its expertise in the form of a blog. Blog entries include cleaning your fireplace and green laundry routines.
  • A Slob Comes Clean is the story of the blog author’s “deslobification process.” Her words, not ours. She promises methods that will work for any “real-life slob.”
  • Ever thought being clean could be “sexy, sassy and fun?” Yeah, we didn’t either. But Green and Clean Mom has found a way to combine eco-friendly fall boots, holiday advice and cooking tips all in one blog.
  • Yes, some people just love organizing. And if you’re one of those people — or just need help decluttering your home — check out IHeart Organizing, where blog writer Jen is “always looking at each and every space, wondering what could be done to beautify and simplify that zone.”

Green blogs

Happy Simple Liv

  • My Green Home is here to help you make your home as green as possible. It sifts through the trends, products and confusion.
  • Get the grand tour of a real-life green home. The Nutter Residence: Dream Home, Green Home in Milford, Ohio, is the brainchild of a certified interior designer and her husband, who “have built a super-insulated, energy-efficient, passive solar, solar electric home with solar hot water heating and a rainwater catchment system to provide water for toilet flushing, clothes washing and outdoor uses.”
  • Happy Simple Living offers advice on getting organized, living more sustainably, finding eco-friendly alternatives and saving money.

Design blogs

Savvy Home

  • Written by interior stylist and social media manager Gabrielle Savoie, Savvy Home combines “tasteful yet affordable living … with a strong focus on beautiful and timeless interiors with an edge.”
  • Get some design inspiration from Pure Style Home, where you’ll find ideas like using gold tones and closet makeover tips.
  • Boost your HomeIQ with this blog’s trendy, hip home decor finds. Need a sofa that converts into a bunk bed? HomeIQ’s got one for ya.
  • Design*Sponge is run by Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney. The site was named a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by the New York Times. Need we say more?

DIY blogs

The Inspired Room

  • Voted in the Top 12 Best Home Design Blogs on Apartment Therapy in 2012, The Inspired Room is the brainchild of Melissa Michaels. The self-confessed DIY-challenged blogger began her blog — and DIY journey — in 2007, but judging from her website, it’s clear she’s become something of an expert.
  • Young House Love is “the story of two DIY dorks.” We swear, it says it right on the homepage. Sherry and John Petersik blog about their various house projects, which range from the simple (e.g., replacing knobs) to the complicated (e.g., designing a playroom for their daughter).
  • If you’ve ever been to Ikea, you know how overwhelming it can be. Ikea Hackers offers “modifications on and repurposing of Ikea products.” Feeling adventurous? The hackers can teach you how to turn a chest of drawers into a printing press.
  • Join the Smith family on their DIY, decorating, crafting journey on their blog, House of Smiths. The site “tracks the cosmetic part of our family’s progress on our home remodel and design style shift.”
  • For the Love of a House tells the story of a couple who moved to New Hampshire and shares their journey of turning an antique farmhouse into their new home. Add some beautiful photography and decor, and we’re sold.