Top 3 Rosh Hashana recipes to ring in the Jewish New Year


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In honor of Rosh Hashana, HellaWella has compiled a collection of traditional and not-so-traditional recipes to mark the Jewish New Year.


Photo: Eating Well

Honey almond cake
Rosh Hashana greetings commonly include wishes for a “sweet New Year,” so it’s no surprise that honey shows up in so many holiday dishes. And while honey may not be the healthiest ingredient in the world, it offers much more in the way of nutrition than ordinary table sugar. With the added bonus of almonds, this cake from Eating Well is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Click here for the recipe.


Photo: Serious Eats

Fish head soup
Rosh Hashana in English translates to “head of the year,” so it makes sense that many adventurous observers will consume the head of a fish to mark the New Year. This fish head soup recipe from Serious Eats calls for the use of salmon, which is known to be a good source of healthy fats, vitamin B12 and selenium. Click here for the recipe.


Photo: All Recipes

Spinach and pomegranate salad
Eating pomegranates has become a popular tradition on Rosh Hashana, as the fruit fulfills the mitzvah or commandment of eating a “new fruit,” or a fruit not yet eaten this season, and is said to contain the same number of seeds, 613, as there are commandments in the Jewish bible. Aside from the religious significance, pomegranates offer quite the nutritional punch; just one fruit provides 58% of your daily vitamin K needs. Click here for the recipe.


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