Top 5 DIY home improvement sites


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To do it yourself or not do it yourself? That is the question which plagues many homeowners when it comes time to paint the walls, rip up the carpet or fix the toilet that just won’t stop running. And because throwing yourself headfirst into a home improvement project can be a bit intimidating, we’ve scoured the Internet — all by ourselves — and found the most helpful, the most inspiring and the most DIY-iest websites to help get you started.


For the DIY enthusiast
It’s right there in the name: The DIY Network. And this site covers it all, from painting techniques and wallpapering your ceilings to electrical how-to’s and installing a shower door — and that only scratches the surface of this DIY powerhouse.

Don’t forget to check out the DIY Network’s experts and hosts, including — wait for it — Vanilla Ice, who hosts “The Vanilla Ice Project,” which chronicles the renovation of a Palm Beach mansion.


For your decorating needs
If you’re sick and tired of your drab surroundings, it might be time for a home facelift — houselift? And if you want to redecorate with your own hands, Do-It-Yourself Decorating from Better Homes and Gardens is your go-to guide.

Rife with crisp, colorful photography, the site has advice for all your decorating needs, including wall art, furniture makeovers, paint advice and plenty of DIY projects.


For the inspired
What can be better than DIY advice from a fellow DIYer? Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room admits she’s DIY-challenged right there on the home page and writes: “I like to share simple, doable ideas for loving the home you have. No big budget, complicated skills or fancy power tools required.”

While her projects are definitely achievable, her finished work, highlighted in the beautiful photography that populates the site, looks professionally crafted.


For Bob Vila fans
If want to go old school with your DIY needs, you need to check out Bob Vila’s website. The man is practically synonymous with home improvement.

Standout features of Bobvila.com include “Just Ask Bob,” where readers submit questions that are answered by Bob in a video; a green section that includes a breakdown of how to give each room in your home an eco-friendly makeover; a place to find local home improvement professionals; and, of course, loads of DIY advice.


For your stuffed toilet
We’ve all been there. You flush your toilet, the water gurgles, and your stomach sinks. Because the toilet is clogged. Again. And the plunger isn’t working. Again. And you clearly can’t call the plumber at 3 in the morning. Again. Instead, check out Fluidmaster’s new self-help website for all your toilet catastrophe needs.

The new Fluidmaster.com site offers solutions for those confused and frustrated by toilet repair issues and easily addresses common toilet problems, such as phantom toilet flushes, a flush that never stops and a toilet bowl that won’t drain completely.


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