Top 5 hot products for your home


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Need a water-saving toilet that can play you a tune? Or maybe an eco-friendly home cleaner that you make yourself. We have it all. Check out these five products to protect the environment and your health.

iQ Cleaners
Attention all green clean freaks. The folks at Planet People have come up with an eco-friendly line of cleaners — iQ Cleaners — that reduces plastic waste by 80%. The company’s patented iQ REFill (Reduced Environmental Footprint) technology packs the non-toxic cleaning concentrate into a small, recyclable cartridge. To make a bottle of the green cleaner, fill the reusable iQ bottle with tap water and drop in the REFill cartridge. The line features three non-toxic versions: iQ’s All-Purpose Cleaner, iQ’s Glass Cleaner and iQ’s Bathroom Cleaner.
Why HW likes it: The cleaners are environmentally friendly.

Kohler Numi Toilet
Holla if you hate lifting and lowering the toilet seat. Well, Kohler has heard your cries for help. The Numi toilet can sense when you need to use it with sensors that react to your movement when you enter the bathroom, opening and closing the cover on its own. Among its many other innovative offerings, the Numi features built-in speakers that can either play a selection from preprogrammed audio, FM radio or your own MP3 player. Just plug in a mini-fridge and you’ll never have to leave the bathroom again.
Why HW likes it: The Numi helps you save water with an automatic flush system.

Cuisinart Portable Table Top Gas Grill
Enjoy grilling? Love miniature-sized things? Then check out Cuisinart’s compact, high-performance grill that can be used almost anywhere. It offers tons of cooking space that can cook eight steaks! Or eight hamburgers! Or six to 10 chicken breasts! Or more than 4 lbs. of fish! You get the point. The grill heats up quickly and features folding legs, a grill lid latch, carry handle and spill-resistant drip tray.
Why HW likes it: The portable grill uses less gas than a full-sized grill.

Ergodyne Cut-Resistant Gloves
Save your hands while working around your house with Ergodyne’s Cut-Resistant Gloves. They’re lined with Kevlar for your protection, while maintaining your dexterity and flexibility. The gloves will be available July 2011.
Why HW likes it: The gloves are ultra-protective of your hands.

Blanco Hydra
Conserve water (and money) with Blanco’s Hydra faucet. The European design features a solid brass body, high-arc spout, decorative loop handle and flexible pullout spray.
Why HW likes it: The Hydra is lead-free and saves water.