Top 6 fitness gadgets to help you master your 2014 goals


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Although making New Year's resolutions and promising yourself that this is the year you'll get in shape is as cliché as telling your friends "no pain, no gain," continuing to let your couch transform your body into a fat blob is just as lame. 

OK, so some us need an extra push to run our calories away or lift weights until our bodies become chiseled machines. While some prefer a personal trainer yelling at the top of his or her lungs, others are turning to technology to help them tighten up.

With that said, here are the top six gadgets that'll help you meet you 2014 goals. 


Nike Fuelband SE

It's no surprise that the biggest sports brand in the world has a device for people who want to track their progress while getting fit. The Fuelband motivates people to stay active by giving them an option to set a daily goal and tracks their progress until they reach it. Essentially, by wearing this band, you're tracking how active you are and how much your body travels throughout the day. Although it's not the most complex gadget in the world, it is perfect for beginners who need that extra push.


Epson Pulsense Watch and Band

Wearables are gaining popularity by the minute, and the printer company Epson noticed and came up with its own watch and band for fitness enthusiasts. The watch includes a large LCD screen, while the band has a smaller one that must be connected to compatible smartphones, like 2013 Samsung phones, before you can analyze your recorded biometrics. Both devices are able to record heart rate data and can store about 480 hours of information before you need to sync them.  


GoPro HERO 3

Whether you're riding a bike through beautiful terrains or swimming in the wonders of the ocean, this sports camera can capture all of those moments of physical strain and mental solitude. You might ask, "How is a camera going to motivate me to stay fit?" Well, capturing beautiful moments on camera for future enjoyment is a motivating factor, especially if you're performing these outdoor activities in special places. Use this time to make one of the tiniest sports cameras on the market your motivating factor to get out and get moving. 


Polar FT60M Training Computer

Another great wearable watch on the market, the Polar FT60M Training Computer, provides people with a personalized training program to follow toward supreme fitness. This program includes weekly targets, in-depth feedback and helpful guidance that'll keep you pushing forward in an efficient manner. Not only that, but it motivates you by highlighting how many calories you've burned and offering you a complex daily readout. 


RSP Pro Cycle Computer

This wireless accessory can make a big difference for those fitness enthusiasts who like to ride their bike to a chiseled body and a sharp mind. This cycle computer provides you with information regarding your speed (current, average and max) and altitude (handy if you're into bike riding on mountain trails). Not only that, but it also comes equipped with a backlight so you're never in the dark about your results. 


Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Bathroom Scale

Finally, after you've used all the other gadgets mentioned to motivate you and monitor your progress, you'll want to see how much weight you've lost. With the Fitbit Scale, you can track your weight, body mass index and body fat percentage. Additionally, it syncs with your smartphone to keep you motivated by highlighting your long-term progress. If you have a family in the household, don't worry. This scale can compile and track statistics for up to eight individuals. That way, you'll all have fun staying in shape. 

There's no doubt that working out, especially if you're just starting, is a challenge to the mind and body. Thanks to technology, you don't have to face the obstacles alone. Use these devices to ignite your flame and feed the fire. 

Are there any other devices on the market helping you get fit? Leave a comment below and let us know.