Top 6 kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed


best kitchen tools

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The new cook can certainly get started with just a few basic tools: knives, pots, pans and spoons. But eventually, you’ll find yourself facing recipes that simply require something more. Here are the top tools that’ll help you make better food more easily.



A kitchen scale isn’t just for dieters. A scale is much better for measuring recipe ingredients than cups and spoons — plus, you’ll use fewer tools and utensils.


Immersion blender

An immersion blender accomplishes essentially the same tasks as a regular blender. But for pureeing hot foods (like soup or sauce) it’s worlds better — no need to transfer boiling hot liquids or dirty another container. An immersion blender works for smoothies and milkshakes, too, eliminating the need for a regular blender entirely.


Kitchen shears

You’ve got knives and you’ve got scissors — do you really need a hybrid? Yes, you do. For small cutting jobs — even when cutting meat! — sturdy, sharp kitchen shears will save you having to get out a knife and cutting board, and you’ll never have to hunt for scissors to open that bag of cereal.


Microplane grater

Box graters are great for cheese, but fine, sharp microplane graters are far better for zesting citrus. And you’ll never have to painstakingly mince ingredients like ginger root, garlic or onion again.


Mesh strainers

If you’ve ever tried to drain orzo in a colander, you know why mesh strainers are a must-have. They’re also great for eliminating lumps in dry baking ingredients or fishing items like poached eggs, gnocchi and ravioli out of boiling water.



Newer cooks might hesitate when deciding whether tongs are truly a necessity — do they really do any more than spoons or spatulas? — but they allow far more control than your other options. No longer fight with cuts of meat or roasting veggies!