Top food & recipe stories of 2014


Top food & recipe stories of 2014

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Make your own granola bars! Or find out which are the healthiest store-bought options. Make skinny versions of your favorite decadent and calorie-filled pasta sauces. Or check out 50 skinny smoothies that you can prepare with just five ingredients. Make a mistake while cooking a meal? All's not lost! Read our handy dandy guide on how to fix it and save the dish. Enjoy our top 10 food and recipe stories of 2014.



1. 11 creative camping food ideas and recipes that will make you forget you’re roughin’ it

Which is your favorite?


2. Top 5 healthy granola bars & how to make your own

Because we not only give you healthy options you can pick up at the grocery store but also a recipe so you can make your own.


3. Quick fixes for 6 common cooking mistakes

We've all been there.


4. Healthy low-fat versions of your favorite pasta sauces: From alfredo to pesto

If this doesn't make you rejoice, we don't know what will.


5. 13 best vegetarian sandwiches that are reasonably easy to pack for work

Mmm, sandwiches.


6. Carbonated vs. regular H20: Is seltzer water just as healthy?

Get the lowdown on those fizzy bubbles.


7. 17 unbelievably delicious ways to make a stuffed avocado

How much do we love thee, avocado? Let us nom the ways…


8. 10 weird & unusual vegetables we bet you haven’t tried

Which have you tried?


9. 50 skinny smoothies with 5 ingredients or less

Did somebody say smoothies?


10. A guide to the healthiest types of rice: From brown rice to basmati rice

If you're trying to cut back on carbs, but you still have a hankering for rice, you'll want to click this one.