Top health & wellness stories of 2014


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This year we tackled everything from Listerine foot soaks and the importance of having a Surgeon General to smartphone apps that can transform the medical landscape and bio batteries powered by sweat. Here are 10 of our top stories for the year. We can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us. If it's anything like this year, we bet it will pack one hell of a punch.



1. Listerine foot soak or bath...does it really work? Putting Pinterest to the test

Have you put Pinterest to the test yet? Go on, get that Listerine ready.


2. Dark elbows & knees: Why it's happening and how to treat it

If you're exfoliating until your arm feels sore, you may be worsening the problem.


3. Why you should never use microbead face wash [Video]

Does your exfoliating scrub contain microbeads? This one's for you.


4. 10 ways the Surgeon General has influenced our health

The Ebola outbreak and resulting panic put a much-needed spotlight on the importance of having a Surgeon General. Here are 10 ways the people in that post have influenced our health through the years.


5. 6 possible causes of coughing & why your cough won’t go away

If your cough has overstayed its welcome, read this to see what may be causing it — and go to the doctor.


6. Why ginger is good for you and 13 ways you can power up with it

While ginger is good for you, taking too much of it can lead to some potentially serious issues. Read about what it can do, what it might cause if not taken with a heaping dose of common sense and how you can prepare it.


7. Could a sweat-powered bio battery power your smartphone?

Ain't science fantastic?


8. A smartphone app that makes bulky medical equipment portable

No, seriously, isn't it?


9. Why you shouldn’t DIY your sunscreen

DIY is great and all, but some things you should just get at the store.


10. Why your 'never again' post-hangover promises never work

Timely read given that many of us are getting ready for the last big party of the year.