The top heart-healthy cooking oils and how to use them


Which cooking oil should you use?

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Keep cardiovascular disease at bay by eating a healthy diet and exercising a few times a week. Dropping pounds and looking good is nice and all, but none of it matters unless you take care of that ticker.

For some people, eating healthy can feel like a huge challenge, especially for those used to eating not-so-healthy takeout. If you feel deprived, consider working your way up to a healthier diet. Cook heart-healthy meals at home at least three times each week, and focus on lowering your sodium intake.

Seriously, get used to reading the labels on everything: that soup you buy for lunch sometimes, that can of baked beans you really like, even the bread you usually eat. Just because you might not be going crazy with the salt shaker doesn't mean you're diet isn't high in sodium.

And don't forget that when it comes to cooking your own meals, the oil you use can work for or against you. You need to choose the right kind and then not use too much of it lest you put yourself at risk for heart disease. But choosing the right kind may not be terribly straightforward to everyone, so check out this infographic from the Cleveland Clinic and its cardiology team’s medical and nutritional experts. It not only lists the top heart-healthy cooking oils but also how to use them.

Cleveland Clinic