Top home stories of 2014


Top 10 stories of 2014

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From helpful pet tips and brilliant nightlights to must-have appliances and wedding registry picks, 2014 was the year of smart home advice.


1. 9 ingenious nightlights to help guide you to the bathroom

When nature calls in the middle of the night, answer it safely with one of these unique nightlights.


2. 23 kitchen items you need to add to your wedding registry

If you're getting married soon, don't forget to add these much-needed items to your registry.


3. The dog days of summer: Pet safety tips for hot weather

Don't let your pets get overheated this summer. They need to stay cool, too.


4. 5 awesome appliances you don’t own but need to buy ASAP

Here’s a look at the coolest gadgets you need in your kitchen  — especially if you’re into healthful eating.


5. 21 questions to ask yourself if you're thinking about getting a dog

Want to add a pup to your family? Ask yourself these questions first before you bring a furry friend home.


6. 5 common household stains solved


Ring around the tub? Tomato sauce on the carpet? Red wine on the countertops? We've got you covered.


7. 13 must-have ornaments to brighten up your holidays

Christmas is better with some festive ornaments.


8. 5 easy-to-care-for houseplants for people terrible with houseplants

Missing a green thumb? Try these super easy-to-care-for plants.


9. Get inside your household appliances with these GoPro videos

Ever wonder what the inside of your appliances look like while they're running? Wonder no more.


10. 9 pumpkin designs inspired by the world of fashion

Step up your pumpkin decorating with these fashion-forward designs.