Trainerize: An app designed for personal trainers and clients alike



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Trainerize is an online personal training platform designed to enable people to achieve their fitness goals by connecting them with personal trainers.

The app combines both a trainer and client side experience. So fitness professionals can manage their coaching business from their smartphones, keep their clients motivated, make arrangements to train them online or in person and even send them progress reports. Meanwhile, clients can browse a database of thousands of trainers based on specific search terms, such as location, desired services, specialty and price. Once matched with a trainer on the platform, the Trainerize app allows them to stay in contact with their trainers, share meal plans with them, log workouts and track progress.

TrainerizeA few months ago, the company integrated with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, which has consumers to seamlessly integrate their body weight, body fat, resting heart rate and nutrition statistics into the Trainerize app for tailored fitness guidance.

More recently, the app has added Interval Workouts and Video Drive.

The Interval Workouts feature allows trainers who specialize in HIIT, Tabata, CrossFit or cardio training to create tailored workouts for clients. An advanced interval and countdown timer allows trainers to set exercise duration and rest time, and to track total reps for each exercise at the end of the workout. In addition, the voiceover feature announces the name of each workout and the timer, eliminating the need for clients to constantly check their mobile app.

Video Drive offers a seamless in-app experience when managing custom videos. Example photos are easily replaced with high-quality video demonstrations, and the new feature enables users to record, upload and store custom videos. Exercise videos can also be imported from YouTube.

“The addition of these two new features adds to our online experience by allowing users to build their own personal brand with truly customized workouts for each client that keeps individual goals in mind,” said Sharad Mohan, CEO of Trainerize. “Whether your client is trying to lose weight or really wants to focus on building a particular area, you can use Interval Workouts and Video Drive to create a unique routine and make it easy to understand.”

Trainerize is available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play, and plans start at $20 per month. Trainers who want more information can visit www.trainerize.com.