The ultimate beauty serving size guide


woman applying eye cream

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How many times have you been on autopilot while starting your morning routine and slathered a heaping tablespoon's worth of moisturizer on your face? It's not just moisturizer, either. We're talking cleansers, toners, night creams, eye creams and even shampoo and conditioner. Have you ever wondered how much is enough and whether you're using too much?

Serving sizes are not food's exclusive domain; they apply to your beauty products as well. While using too much night cream won't cause serious detrimental effects, it's not doing your bank account any favors. Beauty products can be expensive — even if you skip the department store and shop at your favorite local pharmacy chain. So how do you figure out how much retinol or sunscreen is enough?

The fantastic folks at Makeup.com have done the legwork for you. Here's their ultimate guide on how much product you really need so you can get the most out of your beauty routine. And maybe with the money you save you can splurge on a little something nicer next time.