The ultimate GIF guide to the best & worst things about the holidays


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Tis the season for snow, shopping and snuggling by the Christmas tree. Though the holidays are considered the most wonderful time of the year, they’re also a rollercoaster of highs and lows. This year, we decided to chronicle all the feelings that crop up around this time in gif form. Enjoy! And happy holidays!


The insuppressible glee you feel realizing that Christmas is freaking everywhere.


How love is even better during the holidays.


When you get two days off from work.


And then you realize New Year’s is next week.


… Or you’re forced to work while everyone else is off.


The fact that the Internet lets you avoid the horrors of Black Friday shopping.


… and instead shop online Cyber Monday.


The unbearable suspense when you go to switch on the Christmas lights you spent hours hanging ...


... But then they work and you get to see everyone’s reaction. 


The gloriousness of eating all the things between Thanksgiving and New Year's.


When you get to the holiday party and realize you were in charge of bringing a vegetable dish.


Knowing you bought someone the perfect gift …


… And seeing their face when they open it.


When you're told you're not allowed to peek at your presents before the big day.


All the people you meet while traveling during the holidays.


Traveling during the holidays in general.


When you’re running in circles trying to have everything ready for the big day.


When it snows and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do but relax.


When your aunt makes you wear the funny hat she got you while everyone in your family takes a picture.


When the dinner conversation among your relatives turns to politics …


… But then your grandma says something politically incorrect and you’re suddenly entertained again.


When you're volunteered to clean up after the New Year's party …


… But you still have the time of your life.


And then it’s all just … over.