The ultimate guide to nuts will help you snack smarter


assorted nuts

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Nuts can bolster a bowl of oatmeal or give you something healthy to graze on when that afternoon slump hits you hard. They are high in fat, but don't panic. It's not the bad kind.

Nuts are high in unsaturated fat, which is a lot better for you than saturated or trans fat. In fact, if you think you need to eliminate all fat from your diet, you're doing it wrong. Some unsaturated fats, according to the Mayo Clinic, can actually help promote good health. For example, it points out, some vitamins must have fat to dissolve and nourish the body. Go figure!

Now don't buy a Costco-sized bucket of assorted nuts covered in salt! Make sure you get the roasted, unsalted kind. This neat infographic on NutriLiving breaks down the nutritional punch that ten different kinds of nuts pack. Check it out, and snack smarter.