The ultimate guide to stir frying


stir frying chicken and vegetables

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Perhaps one of the best ways to cook up a bunch of different vegetables is to stir fry them. You not only score a delicious, healthy meal but also avoid letting your veggies wilt to soggy, moldy nothingness in your fridge.

If you aren't exactly a natural-born foodie, this Chinese cooking technique, which requires high heat and just a little bit of oil, may seem a bit difficult to master. What veggies should you use? How do you cut them? Is that enough oil? You don't want to use so much oil that you end up with an unhealthy, soggy mess, but you don't want to burn your dinner, either.

Well, that's where Cook Smarts comes in. They cooked up this handy guide that breaks down the entire process and even offers various suggestions for possible stir-fry combinations as well as stir-fry sauces. It's a great tool for omnivores and vegetarians alike.

Check it out. Bon appétit!