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What guest is never welcome?

A pest!

Once your home is infested with ants, mice, cockroaches or other creatures, it can be difficult to get them out. To rid your nest of pests like ants and mice, follow these tips:



If ants are marching into your home, line any suspected entryways with deterrent substances. Cinnamon and cucumber (especially shavings from the peel) work well in deterring ants. Best of all, these natural methods wont be harmful to kids or pets. Pair this with these tips for an ant-free home.



To fight spiders, hit them where it hurts: their food source. Use insecticide, but not on your spiders. These eight-legged creatures may creep you out like insects, but they aren’t insects (they’re arachnids).

This means that insecticide doesn’t work on them. But insecticide does work on insects, which spiders find delicious. So if you kill the insects, the spiders will leave. Do this in tandem with these spider-fighting tips.



During the colder months, mice love to get warm in your home. And once they’re in, they don’t want to leave the free food and cushy digs! To get rid of them without poison, dip mothballs in peppermint oil, or use mint leaves.

Place the mint or mothballs in areas where you suspect mice are nesting or entering your house. The strong scent will drive the mice away! Once they’re gone, follow these steps to make your home less attractive to mice.



Create a non-toxic trap with water and soap. Pour water and soap into the bottom of a large jar. The water will attract the cockroaches, the slippery surface will prevent them from getting out, and the soap will kill them. Then, follow these steps to avoid future cockroach infestations.



Unfortunately, once they’re in your home, it’s time to call a professional. We recommend using Angie’s List to find a top-rated exterminator in your area. To keep termites away, inspect your home once a year for the pests. That way, you’ll stop any problems before they get really expensive. Follow these steps to do a thorough termite inspection.



Silverfish love humidity and moisture, which is why they tend to hang out in basements, attics, pantries and bathrooms. To avoid attracting them, reduce humidity in your basement and attic by using a dehumidifier regularly. Reduce moisture in your bathroom by always closing your shower curtains, running your bath fan after you shower (or cracking a window) and repairing any water leaks or damaged caulk. Do this along side these silverfish-fighting tips.



Mosquitoes naturally avoid certain types of herbs, especially sage and rosemary. Consider investing in natural repellents that can come as an oil base. These include cinnamon oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, cedar oil, clove oil and peppermint oil. 



Moths hate mint. It’s a fact. So to repel moths, take two handfuls of fresh mint leaves and let them dry in the sun. Once they’re dry, place the leaves in small bags and place them in rooms where you have a moth problem. If moths have already entered your house, use sticky fly-strip paper.


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