Use a fitness app, score points, get free stuff, repeat


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Keeping fit is a reward unto itself, but for those who need a little more motivation to exercise, Earndit.com has a solution. Just hook up one of the following fitness apps to Earndit.com — Nike+, Garmin, RunKeeper, FitBit, FourSquare or Everytrail — and score points for every workout. Once you accrue enough points, redeem them for awesome rewards such as gift cards and coupons.

And make sure to check out Earndit’s new “Challenges” feature, which allows people to create private fitness challenges among a group of friends or co-workers — you’ll have no excuse to pass up the gym! You simply choose how much the per-person entry fee will be, set the rules of the challenge and then invite others by inputting their email addresses or sharing a custom link on Twitter or Facebook. Once the challenge ends, the winner is emailed a Tango Card in the amount of the sum of the entry fees (minus Earndit’s 10% service fee)!

Stay sweaty friends.